Mable began as a caregiver for Retta Leigh's mom, but quickly she became family.
In 1984, Retta Leigh’s father passed away and her mother, Ruth Perl, was in need of evening companionship. For the next 16 years, Retta Leigh and her family bounced from family member to professional caregiver in search for someone to help care for her mother’s needs. In 2000, Retta Leigh contacted JFS for a professional caregiver for her Mother, little did she know, she was welcoming a new member into their family. Retta Leigh says, “Mable, a Personal Care Aide at JFS, and they did everything together; from outings to McDonalds for a vanilla cone to staying inside the home. For the next decade, Mother found a new best friend. She passed away in 2014, but in the years that followed, Mable stayed a member of the family.” This past holiday season, Mable gave Retta Leigh two bus passes, with the contingency that they be used a certain way; so Mable and Retta Leigh set a date and spent the day hand-in-hand riding the bus from West End to Downtown and back, just to spend time together. Retta Leigh experienced the commitment and love of JFS. This experience was first from a family caregiver, and then as a client. In the past couple of years she had shoulder and knee surgeries and has relied on JFS’ caring staff to help her through recovery. She explains, “There was always a nurse on call. If I had a concern, Bev Hanson, (JFS Nurse) would respond immediately – I always had peace of mind”. “With one call I am assured someone qualified will show up. I am grateful for how easy JFS is to work with”.