Senior Engagement

Support with Compassion

For many as they grow older, it’s easy to feel isolated.

Lack of mobility, illness and other challenges of aging can often mean less opportunity for interaction and socialization. These years should not be a time of solitude and detachment.


JFS understands that even the smallest gesture of kindness and empathy can go a long way in bettering the lives of those in need. That's why our Senior Engagement program was created. Our Friendly Visitors and Telephone Reassurance volunteers ensure seniors in our community are not forgotten.


Friendly Visitors make weekly social visits with older or homebound adults. These important volunteers offer friendship and companionship to individuals looking for someone to spend time with. They share stories, listen and reminisce, play games, take walks and simply enjoy each other's company.

Telephone Reassurance volunteers call every weekday morning to check in, chat and make sure everything is okay. These dedicated volunteers help start the day of an isolated individual on the right foot. They also offer peace of mind for those living alone.

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Contact: Teresa Baldwin

To learn more about our Senior Engagement services, or to find out how you can serve the Richmond community, contact Teresa Baldwin, Director of Human Resources and Volunteer Services, at or call 804-282-5644, ext. 265.

Alternatively, you may fill out the volunteer application below.