Pregnant Women

Know You Have Options

When you’re faced with an unintended pregnancy, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do or where to turn.

At JFS, our staff of professional and compassionate pregnancy counselors will help you explore your options free of charge and free of bias or judgment.

A counselor will be personally involved to:

• Answer your questions along the way

• Discuss your options and help you decide what choice feels right for you

• Offer unbiased professional guidance and support

• Explain the adoption process

• Be available for you throughout and after your pregnancy

• Help you plan for life after the placement

As you consider your choices, we understand your thoughts and feelings may change from day to day, even minute to minute. It can be confusing to sort out the advice of friends and family. Know that you're not alone. We can help you weigh your options in order to make the right decision for you and your baby.

If You're Considering Adoption

JFS Adoption will help you select an adoptive family that makes you feel comfortable and secure in your decision.

We have a waiting list of loving families who have been thoroughly screened and approved for adoption. All our home studies include references, plus health, education, and financial histories. Should you decide to move forward with an adoption plan, rest assured that you have the right to choose the adoptive family.


Feel Good About Your Choices

This is an important and difficult decision. JFS can help you whether you are 1 week or 9 months pregnant — even if your baby has already been born.

Considering adoption takes courage, compassion, and love. There are no easy answers, but JFS Adoption is a knowledgeable and dependable resource for your unanswered questions. We are here to listen and help.

For more information, please refer to our Pregnant Women FAQs below.

Pregnant Women FAQs

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Our Adoption Services

Waiting Families

Your Baby's Potential Parents

JFS maintains a list of loving families waiting to adopt a child. All individuals are thoroughly screened and approved to adopt. You can read about some of these wonderful people below.


James & Trenton

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and get to know us! First of all, we acknowledge your courage and will be with you every step of the way to support you on this journey. While it is difficult to fit our entire lives into this profile, we hope this provides you with a glimpse of who we are and why we would be loving, supportive fathers.  We are both from Virginia and now own a home in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood in Richmond.  Trenton works for the local government and James is an instructional designer.  We are lucky to have a close-knit community of family and friends who are beyond excited to support us and our future little one on this journey.  In our free time, we enjoy spending time outdoors, walking our dog through the many parks of Richmond, and exploring new restaurants. Your consideration of us is deeply appreciated.  You can rest assured that your baby will have a supporting, loving, and accepting home in which they may feel encouraged and empowered to be as courageous as you are.  We hope we have the opportunity to connect with you!


Hanna & Kenny

Greetings! We are Kenny and Hanna from Richmond, Va. We like to think of ourselves as loving, caring, responsible and funny people. We met in 2017 while working for Hanover County Public Schools. Both of us pursuing work as educators and having a love for children made connecting with one another like a walk through the park. We married in the Summer of 2021 in Ashland, Va. A year later we bought a lovely home in the town of Ashland and have adopted a dog and three cats. After a year of settling into our home we are ready to expand our family even more through adoption. We are both fortunate to have come from stable and loving families who have supported us throughout our lives. For us the choice of adoption was an easy decision, as Hanna has four adopted siblings. We both have a lot of love to give and believe a child can never have too many people loving and supporting them. We look forward to starting our family through adoption. Thank you for considering us.

PJ and Will

PJ & Will

Thank you for considering adoption and reading our profile! Over the past eight years, we've built a loving relationship and hope to grow our family through adoption. We are fortunate to have large, supportive families and a tight-knit community of friends eager to welcome a new addition. P.J. is a lawyer for an environmental non-profit and Will works in real estate development. Outside of work, we love being outdoors, hiking, traveling, and exercising. We promise to provide a loving and nurturing environment filled with joy and laughter. Please know that in considering such a selfless act, you would be fulfilling our dream and providing a nurturing, safe, fun, and adventuresome home for your child. We promise to embrace your child for the person he or she is meant to be and to provide lifelong support and encouragement so your child can thrive! Thank you for your courage in exploring adoption and we are hopeful that we can be a part of your birth plan.

amy and andrew

Amy & Andrew

Hello, and thank you for considering us to be the parents of your child. We are full of joy and excitement about adopting a child and growing our family. Our relationship has strengthened day by day over the past 10 years of our marriage, and we are more than ready to share our resources and unconditional love with a child and give them the support and guidance they need at every milestone in life. There are also grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins (ages 5 months to 8 years), extended family, diverse friends near and far, and a cat named Yuki waiting to meet and love your/our child. The two of us first met through our shared backgrounds in the arts. Andrew lived in Japan for 5 years and is currently a sales manager in the construction industry. Amy works from home as a manuscript editor for a medical journal and is learning Spanish. Besides arts and culture, both of us love to be outdoors hiking, fishing, walking at the river, having beach vacations, or visiting parks and gardens. We laugh a lot and spend a lot of time with our families. It’s a habit of ours to sit down together after work and catch up on the day. We can’t wait to do this with our child sitting there with us!

Claude and Cameron

Remone & Cameron

We are a young couple looking to expand our family through adoption. We have a large extended family that is excited for a new family member. Our hobbies are shopping, traveling, and visiting family. Remone enjoys listening to music, shopping, and visiting friends. Cameron enjoys going to new places to eat and cooking. Our family also includes are sweet dog, Lola. Remone works in human resources for a non-profit that helps under-served families across Eastern Virginia. Cameron works in law enforcement and enjoys his job very much. We look forward to growing our family through adoption. Thank you so much for considering us!

Jennifer Sperberg Pic for JFSA Waiting Families Page JFS Richmond Virginia Jewish Family Services


I'm ready and excited to create my family through adoption! My support system is vast and so encouraging as I move toward welcoming a child into our home. My work is the advertising and marketing agency I own, and I'm an advertising professor at one of the great universities in Richmond, where I was born and raised. Travel generates amazing memories, whether in the Outer Banks, the mountains of Colorado, or abroad. I'm fluent in Spanish and love to practice. I have been blessed with an amazing, large, extended family, a special pup named Rio, and love nothing more than hanging out with my niece and twin nephews! My friends truly are family to me, and their kids bring me so much joy, attending their events and supporting their dreams. My greatest hope is to build a life of loving support for a child's needs and dreams and watch them grow into the special being they are meant to be.

Stephanie and Justin

Stephanie & Justin

Hello! We have enjoyed a strong and loving marriage for 16 years. It has been our dream to have children join our family. There is nothing we want more than to love and nurture children so they can realize their fullest happiness and potential. We are both self employed and enjoy a flexible schedule that allows us to do most of our work from home. Together we operate our business that provides supportive services to adults with intellectual disabilities. Through our work, we have learned to be even better versions of ourselves. We are tremendously accepting of others and we appreciate the special characteristics that makes each person unique. We have a wonderfully supportive family, which includes very eager grandparents who are waiting to expand their duties to our children! We also have a very special and active relationship with our two nieces and a nephew. They have expressed to us that they would be thrilled to have cousins! Our family also includes dogs and chickens, with plenty of room for everyone to live harmoniously together. We enjoy travel, family gatherings, attending sports and school events for our nieces and nephew, and are always looking forward to trying new things that will create lasting memories. We would be delighted to welcome an infant, child, or siblings into our family. It would be our honor to meet you and plan our family vision together.