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JFS Richmond is the oldest, continuously operating social services agency in Richmond, Virginia. For over 164 years we’ve given people the tools they need to heal, grow and thrive. And we can do the same for you.

Whether you’re having difficulty coping with problems, stuck at a crossroads in your life, overwhelmed with caregiving, or looking to complete your family through adoption, JFS Richmond is here for you.

The programs at JFS support and strengthen individuals and families of all ages, races, beliefs, backgrounds, genders and circumstances. Learn more about our Adoption, Counseling, Home Care, and Care Management programs.


JFS is a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant

logo-exchange-gold_128x94When researching charities, GuideStar.org is the place many people start. GuideStar provides information on every charity in the U.S., enabling you to make informed decisions in line with your philanthropic goals. The Gold designation means JFS has provided complete and transparent information about our finances, impact on the community, and effectiveness of our programs.