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There are few decisions in life as rewarding as the choice to adopt a child. But without help, the process can overwhelm even the most prepared individuals. Adoption can, and should be, a joyous occasion.

At JFS Adoption, our small, passionate staff of social workers helps take the complexities out of the adoption process. Whether you're hoping to adopt a child or considering placing a child for adoption, you've come to a well-respected, beloved resource in the Richmond community.

With each and every client, we take the time to get to know you on a personal basis - not only listening, but guiding you through every step of the process. With years of experience, our goal is to help you feel comfortable while addressing any hopes, fears or concerns you may have regarding adoption.

With the right support system in place, adoption can be a wonderful, gratifying experience. We're here to give you the support and advice you need. From the home study to your child’s arrival and beyond, we will be there for you.

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Our Adoption Services


Begin Your Adoption Journey

When you're ready to start the adoption process, you'll need to fill out an application that declares your desire to adopt a child. After our team reviews this, we'll conduct a home study to make sure you're comfortable with the process of adoption and confirm your commitment to becoming a parent.

A home study is an evaluation that educates and prepares prospective parent(s) on the adoption process and assesses your suitability.

Available to individuals and families of all backgrounds, the study provides sensitive, careful exploration of the issues involved in parenting by adoption. We gather information such as your family background, education and employment, as well as more personal details such as your parenting experiences and reasons you'd like to adopt.

Virginia law requires that all adoptive families complete a home study before adopting. An individual home study takes about six to twelve weeks to complete, though expedited home study services are also available.

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Ways To Adopt

A Family Created Through Love

There is no greater way to share your love than to open your heart to a child. The overwhelming joy that comes with the sudden magic of becoming a new parent is indescribable.

At JFS, we want everyone who has longed to be a mother or father to experience what it's like to be a family. There are various ways to adopt and we find our families have the best results by learning about and considering all types of adoption. For those interested, we offer a 30-minute initial consultation at no charge.

We believe anyone has the potential to be a great parent and that all children deserve a permanent, loving home. As such, all placement options are available to families and individuals regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or income level.

For more information, please refer to our Prospective Parent FAQs.

Types of Adoption

International Adoption

We conduct home studies for individuals and families wishing to complete international adoptions. As a Hague Convention-compliant agency, we work in collaboration with your Hague-accredited agency to complete the home study.

Agency Placement

Agency placements occur when a birth parent has placed a child in the custody of an adoption agency. The agency then places the child with an approved adoptive family.

Parental Placement

Parental placement adoptions (also known as private adoptions, direct adoptions or independent adoptions) are those arranged directly by the birth parents and adoptive parents. For couples or individuals who choose this type of adoption, we provide home studies, birth-parent counseling and post-placement services.

Surrogacy Placement

For families pursuing surrogacy, we provide a home study for the adoptive parents and the surrogate if needed. We work with both families to coordinate services such as psychological evaluations and facilitate communication with the attorney(s) involved.

Embryo Adoption

For families pursuing embryo adoption, we provide a home study, as well as information on clinics and attorneys that work with families considering embryo adoption. Families that have created embryos for IVF are able to donate the embryos after their family is complete, allowing families that have struggled with fertility to “adopt” the embryos and carry the child to term.

The total cost of an embryo adoption (home study and clinic expenses) is around $5,000 to $15,000. The National Embryo Donation Center (1-865-777-2013) works with families donating embryos and the recipients of those embryos and can provide you with additional information.

Close Relative Adoptions

In the case where the child to be adopted is a close relative, we provide a home study and work with the attorney(s) involved to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

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Prospective Parent FAQs

After Placement

Continued Guidance and Support

Post-placement services are generally a required part of the adoption process for both domestic and international adoption.

This typically involves several visits with the family to make sure everyone is adjusting to this life transition, and to confirm the child's well-being. This is the ideal time to ask questions or discuss any challenges with your social worker. Depending on the type of adoption, this process can vary from family to family.

After the adoption is finalized, JFS will continue to offer support as needed. We also host biannual socials where families can meet other adoptive families in the community. Adoption is a lifelong journey and JFS will always be here to help support you.

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Adoption Workshops

Lunch & Learns Are Back!

Join us on Zoom, every third Wednesday from 11:30 to noon, to learn more about the adoption process from JFS Adoption social workers and guests. The upcoming dates are below: click on the session you'd like to attend to RSVP.  If these times do not work, please use the form below to let us know a better time for you.

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