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Since 1849, JFS has transformed lives and strengthened our community.

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JFS Adoption. A young couple thinking about their future while awaiting an adoption.

Adoption Lunch & Learn

Adoption Workshop - Free Admission

Wednesday, August 21st from Noon - 1 pm

Contact [email protected] to RSVP.

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Special Food for Thought Passover Event

By admin | April 3, 2017

April 3 • 11:30 a.m. Intergenerational Model Passover Seder with the 7th and 8th Graders from Rudlin Torah Academy Learn the story about the Jews’ struggle for freedom and their journey from Egypt. Have fun, meet new people and enjoy a full complimentary Passover meal! Led by Rabbi Yosef Bart, Principal of Rudlin Torah Academy […]


Healthy Habits for Adults Train the Trainer Class

By admin | March 23, 2017

Healthy Habits for Adults Train the Trainer Class: Friday, April 28, 8:30 am- noon Making small changes in our lifestyle habits and food choices can reap BIG rewards. Healthy Habits for Adults is a one-hour class that is fun and interactive, promoting healthy, active living. The curriculum, covering ten meaningful topics, is taught by volunteers […]


JFS participating in The Race to Parenthood 5k

By admin | March 21, 2017

The Race to Parenthood 5k is the featured event and fundraiser for the Road to Parenthood, a volunteer run, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes infertility awareness, education, and support to help those who struggle on their path to parenthood. The race raises funds for the Road to Parenthood and the Road to Parenthood Grant Fund […]


10 Signs of Caregiver Stress

By admin | March 2, 2017

The demands on a person who is taking care of elderly parents result in a great deal of stress. If caregivers aren’t careful, they jeopardize their own health and well-being. A study of family caregivers found that those who experience caregiving-related stress have a 63% higher mortality rate than non-caregivers of the same age. There […]


Navigating Troubled Waters

By admin | February 27, 2017

Ellen Glass was shocked when she and her husband sought counseling early in their marriage and she discovered she wasn’t the only one with frustrations. “I walked in with a mental list of all the things that my husband needed to change,” says Glass, a licensed clinical social worker at Jewish Family Services. She was […]


Home Care Services

By admin | February 24, 2017

Rather than moving into a long-term care facility as they age, many older adults prefer to stay at home for as long as possible. This may be the right choice for you if you only need minor assistance with your daily activities and enjoy a close network of nearby family and friends. These guidelines explore […]